Saturday, January 2, 2010

Three Years and Counting

I can't believe it has actually been three years since I left my job and started my career in writing. Alhamdulillah it has been working out well so far. Every time I feel like I have to audition for Desperate Housewives, faith stops me from throwing in the towel and I am back in the groove of writing again.

This year it is a new curve ball all together. Forward is restructuring, leaving me to wait for their new and improved brand. I can only imagine that it will be awesome and can't wait and to start writing and editing for them again (inshaallah if the opportunities still exist). On the other hand, it has freed up some of my time to look into my other projects and widen my opportunity scope.

It is always good to look at goals. Whether it is annually or intermittently throughout the year. Setting goals means that we are looking towards a positive career path for the given time-frame. Whether or not we achieved them is another matter, but believing that the freelancing route is possible, and when a freelancer believes something is possible, a freelancer is being positive.

A positive outlook is a must and somehow keeping positive has helped build my self-confidence in my career. So much so that my confidence seems to bounce of computer screens and into the homes of others.

Ever since I started writing I have received an array of emails, ranging from: I WANNA BE JUST LIKE YOU and SIS, COULD YOU PLEASE DO MY HISTORY AND CIVILISATION ASSIGNMENT? The latter is funnier although both of humorous on multiple levels. I often receive a follow up too. SO DID YOU DO IT? I NEED IT SOON! MY DEADLINE IS NEXT WEEK! PLEASE HURRY. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Heh heh, honestly.

Well until everything else irons out, I will be blogging and plan to look at another book project I am working on. Ad hoc projects are always welcome and I would be lying to say I never look out for them. I'm an eagle when it comes to freelancing. Always circling - or are those vultures? An eagle sounds far nicer.

What I will not be doing are those assignments, English, History - any humanity, no matter how funny those emails are. And of course, I won't be throwing in the towel, as long as Allah wills and neither will I be auditioning for Desperate Housewives.

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