Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Muslim Writing Resources all on one Blog

It has been a while since I have visited Muslim Writers by Amel Abdullah, who was actually the first editor I wrote for. She later started Muslim Writers and mashaallah, it was one of the blogs I visited the most (during the first year of my writing venture), especially for its extensive list of paying and non-paying markets of Muslim publications. This was what I was aiming for, since I saw my interest in writing a way for subtle da'wa work, making up for my general lack of da'wa work in the other ambits of my life.

Anyway, the blog evolved over the time I visited, and now there are jobs of all shapes and sizes and all sorts of other writing opportunities. Whether you write for leisure or for hard-core income, whether it is fiction or not, technical or poetry; whether you are Muslim or not, Muslim Writers is a gold-mine of writing resources that will make your writing career all that more fulfilling.

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