Monday, January 11, 2010

I LOVE Passive Income

Who doesn't? Who wouldn't?

Many writers aspire to write, and only write - and that their writing will be able to support their living. A few writers achieve this - those very successful writers who really make their names in their respective niches. I would like to be one of those.

Who wouldn't? Who doesn't?

Anyhow, baby steps of passive income can help realise this dream. My main source of passive income has come from Suite 101. Suite 101 is a content mill that pays perpetual residual income to their writers based on page views and their adsense revenue.

You can literally write what you like, when you like. The "how" is a little complicated, because they have strict guidelines as to the structure, wordcount, word density, etc. But if you follow their informative tutorials, you will learn great tips on how to drive traffic to your articles.

So, in a nutshell - the more, better quality articles you have published with them, the higher your passive income. Maybe you will only earn USD20 per month in the beginning, but it's USD20 more than nothing. Who knows, in a while you may chucking away 20 big G's a month - cetainly gives leeway to concentrate on other things besides work.

[I just received my monthly passive income from them. That's why I'm sharing.] Write for Suite 101, it's a good learning experience.


  1. Would love to know how much you average in residuals per article, per mo.

    I hear Suite 101 and other site writers talk about residuals and their potential, but rarely hear anyone come out and say, "I make X per article on average." That would be valuable info!


  2. WHoa ok! I don't check on the breakdown to be honest. But I earn about USD30 per month. After 6 months of not writing anything for Suite, the figure deteriorates. Does that help?

    (I know, it's not much, but it's USD30 more than nothing).

  3. $30 is $30! That's certainly more than nothing.

    How many articles have you published with Suite 101 thus far?

  4. Assalamualaikum and hi Sr Maria!

    Been prodding around your articles at 101 and I finally made it on to your blogs. Must say your writings made me 'feel'.

    That don't happen often especially when I read stuff by writers who look at the world from an Islamic window.

    Your piece on the illegal 'sanctuary' for pregnant teens in your area PLUS the way those in authority choose to keep both eyes closed - is a most touching reflection of life in Muslim majority Malaysia.

    Whoops, have written too much now. Hope to apply to 101 and start writing like you do. Love some of your pieces!

    Salam hormat to you and family.